About XQ: The Super School Project

In the past 100 years, we have gone from the Model T to the Tesla, from the switchboard to the smartphone, yet the very institution charged with preparing America’s students for success has remained virtually unchanged. Our students deserve better. It’s from that conviction – and commitment – behind XQ Super Schools. At XQ our mission is to fuel, inspire and influence America’s collective creativity to transform our public high schools so every student can succeed. In 2015, we asked a question: “What would high school look like if all students graduated prepared to succeed in college, career and life?” We issued the largest open call to reimagine American public high school in our country’s history. Nearly 10,000 people from communities across the US responded and became school designers and schooolbuilders devoted to questioning the status quo and imagining the possibilities. We awarded over $100 MILLION to 18 Super Schools to bring their ideas to life. XQ isn’t just about ideas, it’s about enduring impact; about inspiring and amplifying meaningful, measurable solutions, and real results, in high schools from Connecticut to California, and every state in-between. Imagine if: Students are at the center of their learning. Technology is a facilitator to understanding. Time and space are resources, not constraints. Learning is expansive, deep, motivating. Teachers are guides and coaches who light the way. That is high school transformation.

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